About Us

American Chemical Products was founded by Robert A. Metro in 1976 to serve the very specialized needs of several major manufacturers with adhesion problems in some of their finishing operations. He had been with a national industrial conglomerate, but quickly recognized that he could not satisfy customers' needs because "It took days, sometimes weeks, to get management approval for solutions to problems outside the established norms."

Over the years, American Chemical Products has solved customers' problems with a special brand of personal and technical service and immediate decisions when required.

All finishing of stampings and metal-formed parts involving painting or plating requires proper washing/cleaning equipment, the right chemical cleaners and phosphates, and consistent quality control procedures to properly remove all traces of the manufacturing oils, greases, and other foreign substances. This insures proper adhesion of finishes to the parts. This whole process also requires good equipment, and regular maintenance of all equipment such as risers and nozzles. It also involves consistent pH control of rinse water, temperature, pressure and flow rate. Cleaning chemicals only accomplish their objective of clean parts ready for finishing if all other elements in the cleaning process also do their job.

Our complete line of products are formulated in specification with "green" technology to meet our customers' needs now and in the future.