Metal Pretreatment Chemicals


Our complete line of powder and liquid cleaners are used in immersion and spray washers and are specially formulated for use on a variety of substrates including aluminum, galvanized, copper, and steel. We incorporate a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants that quickly and effectively remove heavy soils, shop oils, drawing and buffing compounds. Our cleaners have been tested and formulated to provide a completely clean surface with minimum scale and sludge build-up in the bath. They continue to effectively clean long after other cleaners have spent themselves.


Our complete line of zinc and iron phosphate products are specially formulated to handle a variety of operations, including excessive soil load and where unusual conditions exist. The products contain a blend of highly effective biodegradable surfactants that remove soils, oils, and other contaminants while simultaneously depositing a high quality phosphate coating. Our products keep sludge and scale build-up to a minimum to enable you to operate over an extended period of time without purging or descaling your washer.

Advanced Pretreatments

American Chemical Products has a full line of advanced pretreatments including:

  • Non phosphate pretreatments
  • Silane based pretreatments
  • Zirconium based pretreatments
  • "Nanotechnology"

Our products can be used in spray, immersion or dip applications in high, low, or ambient temperature conditions.Our advanced pretreatment products can:

  • Create a greener manufacturing process
  • Reduce or eliminate phosphates and
  • Minimize water, chemical, and energy usage
  • Maintain or improve quality standards.


Finishing sealers are adhesion promoters between the paint and phosphate coating. Our sealers provide maximum performance by giving additional corrosion protection and leaving the finished surface highly receptive to paint. They can be used with city water or well water if DI or RO water is not available.


Pretreatment Chemicals
• Iron Phosphates
• Zinc Phosphates
• Alkaline Cleaners
• Acid Cleaners
• Laser Weld / Scale Removers
• Rust Inhibitors
• Final Seals