Wastewater Treatment

Our wastewater treatment chemicals are used in water and waste treatment facilities and are formulated for the treatment of water with suspended solids, heavy metals, oils and grease. The products simultaneously break oil emulsions, scavenge and flocculate the contaminants in the waste stream. The resulting floc settles or floats quickly forming a sludge that renders the water non-hazardous.

Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Boiler Treatment
  • Cooling Tower Treatment
  • Chill Water
  • Biocides
  • Polymers
  • Waste Water Chemicals

Cooling Tower Chemicals & Boiler Water Treatment/Aquacides

Our complete line of cooling tower chemicals are suitable for most municipal water sources. The highly concentrated products contain sequestrants, dispersants, and corrosion inhibitors. Our products are safe on galvanized metal, copper alloys, aluminum, iron and steel. With proper monitoring, our cooling tower chemicals can descale systems while online. Our boiler water treatment line of products will keep hardness from depositing on boiler tube surfaces, and as a result, reduce your fuel consumption in your boiler system. Our biocide product line contains both oxidizing and nonoxidizing microbiocides that control algae, fungi, and bacteria. These concentrated liquids eliminate flow restrictions and ensure maximum cooling efficiency by controlling biological activity. We also have a complete line of "green" products that are environmentally friendly.